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Knowing Him

What is your reason?

What we mean by that is what reason do you give for either not knowing God or not coming to church? Here are some of the more popular reasons and questions...

1. I have tried church before but didn't like it.

2. There are too many hypocrites in the church.

3. How can I really believe the Bible?

4. How can I know Christianity is the right religion?

5. How can a loving God send people to hell or allow bad things to happen to good people?

Do any of these sound familiar? Do you have one we haven't put on here? If so please let us know. Here is the point. We can come up with a lot of reasons to not come to church, and we can use the reasons as an excuse to not explore the claims of Christianity or to visit a church. But is that really fair to yourself, to not give the one faith on earth that promises forgiveness and eternal life through no effort of your own, a fair look? If you agree and you want to give faith in Jesus more thought, here are a couple of options for you...

1. Contact Us - Click right there and let us know your questions, concerns, or hangups and let us help you work through them.

2. Visit Us - Church is on Sunday at 10am and we would love to have you here, or you can join us online as we stream the service from our Facebook Page!

3. If you just want to know more about Jesus now, click here!

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